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I am a 30 year old SAHM of 2, married and mom to 2 kitty fur babies. This blog will be to ramble about my family, crocheting, and to share some of my crochet patterns.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Crocheted beaded choker

This is another item I made a while back but I just wanted to show it off :P
This item is being modeled by vampirategurrl08 from Craftster

Needle book

This is a needle book I made for a swap a long time ago but I wanted to add the pic here for show and tell :)

Thursday, September 07, 2006


my pet!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

So cool creepy cute doll

In one of my many swap we were supposed to find a toy and redo it for our partner.
Well my partner has a 4 year daughter that wanted a princess doll so I made her one.
Well my partner Melissa knew I liked the goth, creepy, spooky type of stuff so she made me the most wonderful doll.
And not only did she make the great doll but she also made a black cat toy to go with the doll and a black cat necklace that she is wearing.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

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Princess doll

Well I bought this ugly doll to make over for a swap. The mother signed up for the swap and wanted to toy I was to make for her daughter.
Well this is how the doll started

She was bought at a consignment store and was in awful shape.Her hair was pulled into 2 pony tails, her face, legs and arms had crayon marks on them and her clothes were just UGLY lol

So I took her hair off, washed and dryed it, cleaned up her body, threw out the old clothes and fixed her up.I wish I had taken more pics of the during part but, all I have is a web cam so you can see the pics are not that good.The puppy was a victoria secret Christmas dog. So it had a ribbion around its neck that said victoria's secret and a santa hat on.

Well the doll dress I crocheted (just making up as I went along) her shoes are slippers made from some foam sheets I had in the craft room. Her crown and the dogs collar are jewelery wire with plastic clear star shaped beads on them.her hair (sfter being washed and dried) was just brushed and styled into a curly ponytail with a bow.

Now this is the little girl Crystal and her new princess doll that she has named Princess Sahar Grace and the pupy.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Last night I made a purse

Well I live for going to the thrift stores and, I have seen so many people making purses out of hard back books that I had to try it.The book was a .25 cent copy of John Jakes Love and War

After I gutted it I thought I might keep the inside covers as they were becasue the paper was a neat map of the south (including Mississippi)

Well about an hour later, 4 hot glue sticks, a burnt finger, and a couple of blisters i decided that I had screwed up the inside paper soo much that I better cover it with fabric.So I took some old canvas type fabric I had that use to cover the inside of a storage basket and hacked away at it until I got it the way I wanted

Then after a few more hot glue sticks and adding a few embelleshments from the craft basket I have a purse...

I even cut the handles from the canvas scraps and the tie that goes aroung the little tassle came from one of the ties that held the canvas in the basket.I am not really happy with the out come but, my daughter (age 8 ) loves it and I will get better as I make more I am sure.

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Amigurumi octopus

Just finished this for a swap and thought it was so easy...
It is about 2 inchs talland about 3 inches wide.

Playing card bag

Well I just finished several bags that are made from clear duct tape and dollar store playing cards. It was really easy and I found it on so here are the pics.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Here I sit watching CSI, kids are in bed, Adam is at work, and I have no life so I am blogging....
I need to be crocheting and saving some of my pics here.
I also should be cleaning the house but I have not done it yet.
Instead I am ponderring the questions of why does the inside of someones belly button stink...why do I suck at golf...why haven't I won the lottery...will gas prices ever come down...

Any way here are some of my sigs and tags I need to save here.

What is the problem?????

I have not been keeping up

I am way behind in posting to my blog
Since kids are out of school and we had to make trip to Alabama for Adam's grandmothers funeral I have been behind on everything.
But I will get caught up tonight...
I have a lot of pics to post and things to write about so gotta get to work...