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Monday, April 03, 2006

Charity ghan

Well I added 10 more rows to the charity V and shell stitch afghan I am working on.
I figured I better add here WHY I am making the "charity" ghan.
I help teach a group of 7 girls ages 7-11 how to sew, quilt and crochet. Sometimes I even have a few older sisters, mom and once a grandmother lol
But anyway, the lady that actually started the class asked around of her friends and people at her church for donations of craft supplies. Well she was given a huge box of odds and ends of yarn.
She in turn gave it all to me to see if any of it can be used for the girls in the class. Welli pulled out all of the good colors that I thoughtthe girls might like and all the rest I put in a different box. After looking at all the colors I had left I thought that with the varigateds and the solids that I could put them together and make a nice size lag ghan or throw.
Well I spoke with Karen( the lady who started the class) and asked her if she could do something with the ghan if I made it. After asking around again she will be allowed to raffel it off at her church and give the money to one of the youth groups.
So there ya go...
In this class the girls have been making hats and scarves for the local childrens cancer hospital.
I think that what ever yarn is left after the girls get done with it I will try to make up some bears or toys of some sort for the clinic waiting rooms.
They have to be something that can be washed often, or sprayed with lysol so I will have to put some thought into what to make.
Or maybe I can make up a bunch of the butterfly fridgies and let them hang them from the celing for looks.
I am sure I will thinkof something. I always do :D


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