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Friday, April 07, 2006


This I HOPE is gonna help me keep up with exchanges I have due and their dates.
Then I can come back and post what I have made and then I can see how long it is taking me and what I am getting acomplished.

Kitchen N Bath
Easter Pastel theam exchange to Cheryl Schmidt
2-7" red or black and white squares to Andrea Castelberry
2 Fridgies to Andrea

burgundy and off white 12 inch squares
2 scrunchies
All to Beth

Pat's exchange to Sarah

13 crochet ST Friendship afghan
12" LauraLudovici Bright color
12" Diana Bidwell Yellow

13 Crochet ST Small Container
Mothers Day theam Maggie Annis

Flying Granny Hooks 1
12 " square RR
Holiday colors to Becky Milligan
halloween color to Doreen Cosgrove
Mother's Day Exchange to Julie M

Flying Granny hooks 3
Easter exchange to MaryLu
Mother's Day to Julia
40 Red/White/Blue Yo-Yos to Katherine Reese

Secret Crochet Pals
Send goodies to Scott

Smoking Crocheters
Un-Birthday to Faythe
Yarn to Robert
2 7 inch squares in any 2 colors to Deborah Stickland
Kitchen Surprise to Faythe
Square of the month RR to
Deborah in Yellow
Faythe in Bannana Berry
Robert in white
TJ in burgundy

OK So there it is...
Man that looks like a lot when I put in in writing all together like that
I better get to work! :D


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