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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Trinket bunny box

OK, here I go hoping to write out the pattern for the bunny trinket box I have been making for a lot of my Easter exchanges in my yahoo groups.
If there are any mistakes I am sorry, I am not good with writing things down as I go so I am trying to thinkof this in my head as I go here.
OK lets see.....

1st you will need what ever color yarn you plan on using.
I use WW red heart and for this bunny I used white for the out side and pink for the inside.
You will also need a tuna size can (I use cat food cans since I have a amle supply of them thanks to Gary and Pooky) I take off the wrapper and run them through the dish waser 1st so they will not be nasty .
You will also need a small piece of cardboard or something to that effect to cut into a circle. This will go in the lid to make it stiff ( I will explain when we get to that part.)
Also if you plan on makeing this into a bunny or any other kind of animal you will need all fo the goodies to do this (we will go into that later too)
This will be very important to make sure that all the parts match up when you get ready to stitch it together

I use a H hook but you can use what ever size you want to to get your size right.
I made the outside in white
This is worked in rounds
This is for the outside covering of the can
CH 4 join with sl st to make a ring
RD 1)15 DC in ring join with slip stitch to 1st DC ch 3
RD 2) DC in same sp as ch3, dc in next dc, *2 DC in next DC, 1 DC in next DC around join with slip stitch to top of 1st chain 3 (23 DCs) ch 3
RD 3) DC in same sp as ch 3, dc in next DC ,* 2 DC in next DC, 1 DC in next DC around join with slip st to top of 1st ch 3 (35 DC)
Note: here is where I check to make sure that this will cover the bottem on my tuna can.
If it does not you can repeat another round in the same fasion as above but I would do that round in HDC becasue a DC would make it too big.
DC in next st and in all stitches around join with sl st to top of ch 3 (35 DCs) ch 3
RD 5 and 6) Repeat round 4
NOTE: Here is where I check to see it it will cover the sides of my tuna can with just about half of the last round showing over the top of rim so that inside can be stitched to it
If it does not cover the sides add another round until it does.
Fasten off when you have the right fit

Now for the inside make with what ever color you choose I used pink
Repeat as above until you get to round 4 work it in FRONT loops checking often to make sure it is fitting snugly into the can.
When you have the right fit you are ready to put the out side and the inside together with the can in the middle so DO NOT FASTEN OFF

NOTE: If you want to make this into a critter of what ever sort you will want to add the eyes, nose mouth etc now before you put the 2 peices together (Trust me it is just easier that way)
For the bunny that is in the pic I used 2 black pony beads stitched on with black thread for the eyes. A pink bead for the nose and for the wiskers I cut 2 lenghts of black yarn that I folded in half and attached for the wiskers. You know what works best for you so you will know best how you can make the face.

Once you have the 2 parts finished and put on the can you are ready to stitch then together
I line up the beginning chains and the stitch together with the yarn that is still attatched to the inside with a slip stitch
Go through both loops on the inside part and both loops on the outside part when you have them stitched together fasten off and weave in the ends.

For the lid:
Make 2 of these one with inside color and one with outside color
ch 4 join with sl st to form a ring
RD 1) 15 DC in ring join with sl st to top of beg DC ch3
RD 2) DC in same sp as chain 3, dc in next st *2 DC in next DC 1 DC in next DC around
Join with sl st to top of 1st CH3 (23 DCs) CH 3
RD 3) DC in same sp as ch 3, dc in next dc * 2 Dc in next dc, 1 dc in next dc around Join with sl st to top of 1st ch 3 (35 DCs) FASTEN OFF PIECE MADE WITH OUTSIDE COLOR BUT NOT THE PIECE MADE WITH INSIDE COLOR

Here is where I made and attatched the bunnies ears
It is easier to do before you stitch the 2 peices together
For the ears I just kinda frogged them. I will write out here how I did it but if you find something better please go with that.

EARS (Make 2)
Ch 10
DC in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across (7 DCS) Ch 3 turn
Repeat for 3 more rows
next row DC in 1st st then dec dc over next 2 DCs 2 times then DC in last st
Next row DC in 1st st dec DC over nect 2 DCs DC in last stitch
Then SC evenly around to give them a finished edge
I then cut 2 pieces of pink fabric or felt and hot glued to ears to make the pink "inside"
The hot glue helps to make them kinda stiff so they will stand up but if they do not you can add a white pipe cleaner (I run it through the stitches on the back of the pink fabric)

Now get your small piece of card board
Cut into a circle that will fit inbetween the 2 pieces that you just made then line up the stitches and stitch together like you did the 2 pieces for the inside and out side of the can

OK you should now have a trinket box
I have made these into pumpkins by making them orange and adding cut out pieces of black felt of jack o lantern face
I have made them plain and just added a shell stitch around the edge of the lid and a pretty button to the middle of the top of lid for a knob like handle

So there ya go!
Good luck in making these and I hope I wrote it out correctly and so you can understand it
If not please let me know and I will fix as best I can.


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