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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Working on charity ghan

Well I am working on a afghan that I am gonna call the Charity V and Shell Stitch Afghan.
If I can figure out how to put pic here I will add them so I can help myself keep up with how long this is taking to make.
But right now I am 10 rows into it and now sure how many rows it will be.
I will just go till I run out of all the yarn I have picked out to go in it. I have like 7 skeens so this may take a while lol
here is the pattern so far. I kinda made it up and it turned out really well.

Charity V and Shell Stitch Afghan

Chain 163

ROW 1: Work shell in 5th stitch from hook * Skip 2 chains work V stitch in next chain, skip 2 chains work shell in next stitch Repeat from * across
End by skipping 1 chain and DC in last chain, chian 3 turn

ROW 2: Work V stitch in center DC of 1st shell stitch *Shell st in ch 1 space if next V stsitch, V stitch in center DC of next shell Repeat from *across end with DC in last CH of turning chain Chain 3 turn

ROW 3: Work Shell stitch in ch 1 sp of 1st V stitch * V st in center DC of next shell st, shell st in ch 1 sp of next V st. Repeat from * across End with DC in last ch of turning ch Ch 3 turn

Then repeat these rows until desired length (or in my case until you run out of yarn)

It is working really fast and I am getting caught up on my TV watching while I am making it.
So I will run off now and snap a pic to see if I can figure out how to add it here.
I will try and do this every day but, I can't promise you anything :P


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