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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Last night I made a purse

Well I live for going to the thrift stores and, I have seen so many people making purses out of hard back books that I had to try it.The book was a .25 cent copy of John Jakes Love and War

After I gutted it I thought I might keep the inside covers as they were becasue the paper was a neat map of the south (including Mississippi)

Well about an hour later, 4 hot glue sticks, a burnt finger, and a couple of blisters i decided that I had screwed up the inside paper soo much that I better cover it with fabric.So I took some old canvas type fabric I had that use to cover the inside of a storage basket and hacked away at it until I got it the way I wanted

Then after a few more hot glue sticks and adding a few embelleshments from the craft basket I have a purse...

I even cut the handles from the canvas scraps and the tie that goes aroung the little tassle came from one of the ties that held the canvas in the basket.I am not really happy with the out come but, my daughter (age 8 ) loves it and I will get better as I make more I am sure.


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